Rediscover The Lost Art of Writing With A Pen Gift

Make someone's day by giving them a pen gift for them to enjoy. They'll be able to get some creative writing done

Rediscover The Lost Art of Writing With A Pen Gift
Pen Gift

What is was created out of the Editor's own frustrating experience when shopping for products on Amazon.
She buys quite a fair bit regularly, and imagine each time she does that, she has to comb through the item's description which usually has a lot of sales pitches, bad grammar, spelling errors & unnecessary flowery words trumpeting how good they are and even confusing product titles. This leads to a lot of time wasted before deciding if that item was the right one.
So we wanted to do this for our readers - go through a particular category & shortlist 10 of the best, unique, fresh products; and strip off all the overblown & somewhat confusing words to just the bare cold hard facts.
Just a quick glance, you'll know if that thing is what you wish for! And if you wanted to, we've also included links to the item's 100 Best Sellers to explore further.

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Looking for a unique and memorable pen gift?

Let your loved ones know how special they are with a beautiful pen set.

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to write, these unique pens will bring your loved ones closer together through the written word.

We've all been there. There are those moments in life that demand the best. Whether it’s writing a novel, keeping a journal or sharing a story with friends and family, there is nothing more powerful than a pen and paper.

Write with a pen you made yourself and express your unique style. This is the ultimate pen gift for the man who appreciates fine craftsmanship and dedication.

We've gathered together a set of the best pens we've seen so far and put them in a gift box for you to give them as a gift.

Learn more about rediscovering the lost art of writing with a pen gift!

Note : Amazon Best Sellers ranking indicated here is that position at the time of publication, but can change over time.

Scriveiner Fountain Pen - Very Dark British Racing Green Stunning Luxury Pen

Best Seller Rank #2 in Fountain Pens << Tap for the Top 100

  • An impressive dark British racing green shade seen in brighter light
  • Stunning luxury fountain pen by Scriveiner
  • Brass with green lacquer and chrome makes it premium quality and understated luxury
  • Comes equipped with a Schmidt medium nib, a Schmidt converter and two spare cartridges (one black, one blue)
  • The German Schmidt ink system allows the pen to glide smoothly across any type of paper
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced for for those who love to write with a luxury pen
  • The pen set comes in a beautiful presentation box making it the perfect gift to impress those around you
  • Designed in London, for you to share the timeless attributes of sophistication in classic British design

Hoverpen Interstellar Edition Futuristic Luxury Pen

Best Seller Rank #165 in Ballpoint Pens << Tap for the Top 100

  • The coolest eye-catching centerpiece of a cosmic inspired & engineered to defy gravity
  • Hoverpen 2.0 is the world's first pen that can hover at an angle
  • Perfectly balanced at 23.5 degree, impossible to fall & of course, to ignore
  • No power needed on this premium futuristic design
  • Crafted with aircraft grade aluminum & zinc alloy
  • It takes 103 meticulous processes to construct the Hoverpen
  • The pen body is shaped with "uni-body" design
  • Highly precise craftsmanship makes it a piece of exquisite desk art
  • Hoverpen equals to lifelong durability expected to last and hover for up to 100 years
  • Entertain your fidgeting needs with the Hoverpen’s fully magnetic features. Spin the pen on the pedestal and let it boost your focus and creativity
  • Equipped with Schmidt ballpoint cartridges for precise ink flow, the German-engineered luxury standard ballpoint refill, versatile yet flexible
  • Hoverpen 2.0 promises no spills, no spotting, and definitely no explosions
  • Reward yourself for a job well done with this futuristic, free-standing, reward-winning pen
  • Or gift it to the best boss in the world who already has everything

Mr. Pen Luxury Black Barrel Pen

Best Seller Rank #672 in Ballpoint Pens << Tap for the Top 100

  • Amazon's Choice
  • The weight & balance are perfectly achieved to give an enjoyable writing experience
  • Includes a Class-A black ink well sealed to prevent smearing/leaking
  • Fast drying ink with fine point to achieve neat accurate lines and a smooth writing experience
  • Use for keeping journal, calligraphy, sketches, signing documents or just making important notes
  • Comes in a beautiful presentation box as the perfect gift

Journal Gift Set

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Scriveiner Premium Leather Journal Gift Set – Black Lacquer & 24K Gold Luxury Ballpoint Pen

Best Seller Rank #317 in Personal Organizers << Tap for the Top 100

  • A Scriveiner leather journal and pen set combines the premium quality journal with the stunning luxury pen makes this the best journal gift set
  • Superbly crafted out of brass & jet-black lacquer and finished in 24K gold guaranteed to impress
  • The leather bound journal is handmade by artisans using a thicker, premium quality leather
  • Handmade thick, 125 gsm creamy recycled cotton paper, acid and tree-free and does not bleed through to get a wonderful writing experience in a journal that will last a lifetime
  • The Scriveiner gift set comes in a stylish gift box and will be held in high admiration

Scriveiner Silver Chrome Ballpoint Pen - Stunning Luxury Pen with 24K Gold Finish

Best Seller Rank #115 in Ballpoint Pens << Tap for the Top 100

  • A true luxury pen features brass with silver chrome, finished with 24 karat gold trimmings
  • Premium quality and understated luxury from a boutique British brand
  • Perfectly weighted and balanced, the Schmidt refill from Germany glides smoothly across any type of paper
  • Used as a casual or executive pen, for work, office or personal use, your Scriveiner ballpoint will surely impress by people
  • Elegance, sophistication & understated luxury exudes from these Scriveiner pens
  • Designed in London to share the timeless attributes of classic British design
  • Comes in a beautiful gift box

Fidget Pen, Stress Relieving Metal Pen

Seller Rank #466 in Ballpoint Pens << Tap for the Top 100

  • This writing pen is also be a finger fidget toy, can be rotated and transformed into a variety of creative, free combination, multiple and diverse ways
  • Change the shape anytime, anywhere, like swords, robots, monsters, etc. it is a good toy to pass the time
  • Makes a great gift for kids, teacher, student, engineer, doctor, lawyer, designers, and those who need an outlet to calm their nerves

Golf Pen Holder for Office

Best Seller Rank #96 in Pencil Holders & Pen Holders << Tap for the Top 100

  • The novelty mini golf bag pen holder placed on the base of the miniature golf putting green, with 3 mini golf club pens and 1 miniature golf ball
  • Perfect for office work desk accessories
  • Comes with 3 mini golf club pens, the 6" driver is red ink, the 5.75" putter is blue ink and the 5.75" wedge is black ink
  • Great as golf gifts

Levitating Pen

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Magnetic Levitating Pen

Best Seller Rank #4248 in Ballpoint Pens << Tap for the Top 100

  • Amazon's Choice
  • Made of durable and lightweight aluminum alloy and brass
  • Magnetic levitation technology and the base is uniformly distributed circular magnetic field to control the high-end magnetic floating pen stand and swing freely
  • No need cable or battery
  • The gel ink pen uses a custom-made Swiss imported metal tube refill and German high-flow ink
  • No ink breakage & ink leakage & paper penetration ensuring a smooth & pleasant writing experience
  • The pen body is 5.43 x 0.45” & weighs 0.05 lbs. The base is 0.71 x 3.54” weighs 0.68 lb, small and lightweight
  • Place the pen tip down and put the pen on the tray freely and it will stand on its own
  • When you feel bored, just touch the pen body to feel its beautiful figure swinging making you feel relax

Bullet Pens for Gun Lovers

Best Seller Rank #694 in Ballpoint Pens << Tap for the Top 100

  • Get 3 pieces of bullet shaped pens with cases & refills
  • Size about 5.5 inches just nice to grasp and hold
  • Equipped with gun-shaped side clips, just like the real thing
  • Made of solid brass and wood, sturdy construction, light weight, not easily breakable
  • Comfortable to use on its streamlined line body, textured for firm grip and a smooth writing experience

Ellington Luxury Fountain Pen Set

Best Seller Rank #17 in Fountain Pens << Tap for the Top 100

  • The unparalleled elegance & performance of an Ellington Pen will elevate your writing experience to new heights with its smooth ink flow and exquisite craftsmanship, making writing a pleasure
  • Innovative state-of-the-art, high-quality ink technology guarantees consistent, vibrant colors and a smooth writing experience
  • Gift this luxury pen to someone who appreciates quality and surely they'll be impressed with the grace and sophistication of an Ellington Pen
  • Comes in a premium, beautifully designed gift box, this pen is the quintessential token of appreciation for loved ones or esteemed colleagues
  • Meticulously designed for the ambidextrous as it's flawlessly balanced to suit both right and left-handed individuals
  • Ergonomically engineered grip ensures unparalleled comfort and control, providing you with the ultimate writing tool for any occasion

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