Korean Gifts That Will Put Your Friends In A Good Mood

Whether you're after a traditional gift or something a little different, we've got something for you. Check out our list of Korean gifts inside

Korean Gifts That Will Put Your Friends In A Good Mood
South Korea

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Korean gifts are hot this year.

South Korea is a country that has so many different cultures and art that it is difficult to narrow down a gift for someone. But, you can narrow down your gift choices by the type of person you are buying for. Here are some gifts to give based on the type of person you are buying for.

Whether you're looking to make someone feel special or simply want to say thank you to a friend, this is the perfect time to pick up a few authentic Korean gifts.

Order now to get your authentic Korean gift before they sell out!

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Metal Chopsticks Reusable Multicolor Stainless Steel Chopsticks

Best Seller Rank #7 in Chopsticks << Tap for the Top 100

  • Made of SUS304 stainless steel with laser engraved copper coin pattern on the titanium-plated surface. FYI, Titanium is an excellent material used on premium flatware which is  a permanent plating that does not peel or discolor even after using long time. The Titanium plating on the stainless steel chopsticks makes the reusable chopsticks sturdier does not scratch easily
  • 5 individual color chopsticks for each member of the family
  • As fashion line laser engraving is done on the tip of the chopstick, it makes it easier to pick up food as the slippery issue is resolved
  • As stainless steel has a hard surface, dirt will not get into it unlike wooden/bamboo chopsticks due to their porousity which makes them reusable as a safer & healthier choice
  • Designed with pretty flower vine patterns on a rainbow background at the tip
  • A pair of metal chopsticks can be used for 10 years or longer

Cook Korean!: A Comic Book with Recipes

Best Seller Rank #10 in Korean Cooking << Tap for the Top 100

  • New York Times bestseller
  • A charming introduction to the basics of Korean cooking in graphic novel form
  • 64 recipes, ingredient profiles, and more, presented through light-hearted comics
  • Fun to look at and easy to use, this unique combination of cookbook and graphic novel is the ideal introduction to cooking Korean cuisine at home
  • The author, Robin Ha’s colorful and humorous one-to three-page comics fully illustrate the steps and ingredients needed to bring more than sixty traditional (and some not-so-traditional) dishes to life
  • In these playful but exact recipes, you’ll learn how to create everything from easy kimchi (mak kimchi) and soy garlic beef over rice (bulgogi dupbap) to seaweed rice rolls (gimbap) and beyond
  • Friendly and inviting, Cook Korean! is perfect for beginners and seasoned cooks alike
  • Each chapter includes personal anecdotes and cultural insights from the author, providing an intimate entry point for those looking to try their hand at this cuisine

Flashcards - Korean

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Korean Hangul Alphabet Flashcards for Beginners

Best Seller Rank #554 in Educational Flash Cards << Tap for the Top 100

  • Developed for beginning learners by Korean language teachers, this compact, easy-to-use learning tool is highly effective for memorizing Hangul’s 40 consonants and vowels
  • The flip side shows the name of each Hangul letter, its Romanized name, pronunciation guide, stroke order and classification
  • The set contains 160 example words with corresponding Romanized pronunciations and meanings
  • 4 carefully-chosen usage examples and their block diagrams on each card demonstrate different ways syllable blocks are formed using the letter to construct words
  • Bonus reference cards of 399 most commonly used Korean syllables provide learners an additional practice tool to help attain Hangul proficiency even faster
  • The deluxe edition features 4-inch-wide, round-cornered, smudge-free matte-laminated cards for superior readability, handling and durability
  • Comes in a custom-designed magnetic gift box


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The K-Pop Dictionary: 500 Essential Korean Slang Words and Phrases

Best Seller Rank #148 in Foreign Dictionaries << Tap for the Top 100

The K-Pop Dictionary helps you learn the most up-to-date vocabulary used in K-Pop, TV shows, and K-Dramas

Specially designed to teach what the words mean in a K-Pop and K-Drama context, because without knowing the cultural background of the words, they are just a bunch of enigmas

To better understand, included are essential information such as where the words originated, plus where, when, and how they are used. Without this background info, you are missing out on all the news and updates other fans are talking about

Also included are real life examples of their use to gain a thorough understanding of the vocabulary, its nuances, and its origins

Use as a quick reference any time you run into K-Pop and K-Drama lingo, or as a study reference by utilizing the conversation examples included on every page

Great way to expand your K-Pop and K-Drama knowledge; your window into the fascinating world of Korean culture with a dictionary of honest human interaction, Korean pop culture, and everyday K-POP life

A resource for language learners confused by real-world Korean, and a tool to help you understand the world of a K-POP fan


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Korean Culture Dictionary: From Kimchi To K-Pop And K-Drama Clichés. Everything About Korea Explained

Best Seller Rank #12 in South Korea Travel Guide << Tap for the Top 100

There are a lot of unanswered questions about Korean culture. Questions like "Why is there an American cola company's logo on the Korean flag? Why do Korean kids in my class only have like… three last names (Kim, Lee, Park)?"

If you are a K-Drama addict, and even took the time to watch variety shows with your favorite idols, your thoughts and interest towards Korea may have grown even deeper

You may also wonder why you become a year older in Korea, why there's so much drama in those street tent bars, and how Koreans drink so much soju from those green bottles. And, probably the question on everyone’s mind in 2022, why is K-pop so dang popular (honorable mention: What the heck does “Gangnam Style” mean)?

Well, if you get lost in translation, you can simply look up the word in the dictionary, but what if you get lost between cultures and there's no one to kindly tell you what's going on? You can get by with a lucky guess, but you are missing a valuable opportunity to learn about indepth Korean culture

Regardless of who you are and where you come from a K-Pop/K-Drama fanatic, an expat living in Korea, a student who just got accepted to study abroad in Korea, or even a second-generation Gyopo from the Korean diaspora, you no longer have to stay puzzled and irritated by not being able to understand the peculiarities you find in Korea

With over 350 essential topics and most frequently asked questions that are hand-picked from 27 categories, covering virtually every aspect of Korean culture by laying out all the details on the “Five Ws (Who, What, When, Where, Why) and How”, you can fully understand Korean culture inside and out

Most importantly, this book was written with people like you in mind, so having zero knowledge about Korea is absolutely fine! However, if you are the proud K-Culture know-it-all in your friends' group you can put your knowledge to the test and even learn some new interesting facts to surprise them by jumping between sections of your choice

To maximize your learning, we’ve included the following in every section!

- Scannable Codes For YouTube Clips : Let you see how Koreans do it in real life! Simply scan the codes with your smartphone and you will be taken to amazing YouTube clips
- Must-See Korean Dramas and Movies: A selected list of titles that can help you further appreciate the topic
- Must-Know Terms and People : We’ve marked important Korean terms with Bold and Italics so you can use them as a study aid

By the time you’ve finished the last chapter, you will have learned so much about Korea, including all the minute details like "Why do Koreans love sitting on the floor? Why is it rude to pour drinks with one hand?"

Added bonus of why Korean dramas, movies, and K-Pop music videos and lyrics will mean so much more the next time you watch (Hey, you will have the ability to accurately identify all the Korean drama clichés)

Also, if someone compliments you for having a “small face,” you will know that the correct way to respond is saying “Thank you.”

Rubber Stamps

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Korean Alphabet (Hangul) Rubber Stamp Letters

Seller Rank #555 in Decorative Wood Stamps << Tap for the Top 100

  • Made in Korea
  • 24 pieces of Korean Alphabet Hangeul letters wooden rubber stamp with box
  • Characters are Gothic pattern font
  • Wooden box and custom miniature pieces with eco-friendly rubber
  • Great addition to the arts and crafts collection of any DIY-er or Korean language learner
  • Ideal gifts for K-Pop or Hallyu Fans
  • 21 Korean character stamps with some stamps represent mulitple characters (ex :├ and ┴ and ┤). There're also quotation marks, a hyphen, and an exclamation point
  • Multiple uses for photo albums, scrapbooking, writing a letter, keeping a diary, making cards (like wedding invitations) or tags
  • Perfect for K-pop fans to further educate
  • Details stand out nicely even on fabric paint with the characters clear and easy to read
  • Rubber cleans easily with damp sponge or baby wipe

Shot Glasses

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Korean Soju Shot Glasses Set

Best Seller Rank #734 in Shot Glasses << Tap for the Top 100

  • Amazon's Choice
  • Ice cracked glaze is deliberately caused. It's called crack glaze in ceramic art. "Ice cracking glaze" is different from crack glazes, the difference being the former is a multi-level crack, and the latter is single level
  • As it's technically difficult to get "multi-level cracking", it's achieveable. The most prominent feature of the "glazed glaze" is a multilayered three-dimensional structural crack that creates a rose-petal-like aspect
  • Included are 4 Ice cracking glazed cups
  • The perfect art of firing, with layers of ice, ice within the cracked glaze purple soil; tea was brown, soak after a long time brown into the cup and pot, the color is more flavor

Card Game

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Korean Flower Card Game Hwatu

Best Seller Rank #3051 in Card Games << Tap for the Top 100

  • Korean Traditional Flower Card Hwatu Game set
  • Copy of hand-drawn illustration
  • Luxurious box with pebble shapes
  • High durability because of special matte coating
  • Thickness and weight optimized for throwing Hwatu card
  • Slightly larger than other similar products
  • Case size 1.8 x 2.2 x 2.6 inches
  • Made in Korea of 100% plastic


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Korean Traditional Miniature Cool Bookmarks

Best Seller Rank #1114 in Bookmarks << Tap for the Top 100

  • Woman's Hunmin (the Korean script) Hanbok - Korea's unique traditional clothes. Ladies' hanbok is stylish, colorful and elegant with its short jacket and long skirt
  • Men's hanbok is also stylish with its vest and outer coat on the basis of trousers and jacket
  • Small and lightweight design with gift envelopes
  • The perfect souvenir to take a piece of Korea back home with you
  • Package size 4.9 x 3.5 inches
  • Contains 1 envelope, 1 bookmark, instructions in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, English

Gift Wrappers

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Korean Traditional Fabric Bojagi Wrapping Gift

Best Seller Rank #986 in Gift Wrap Bags << Tap for the Top 100

  • Made of Hanbok fabric with crane and cloud pattern
  • Bojagi is not only used for gift wrapping, but also as a bag to carry things
  • Include diagrams for four different Bojagi wrappings
  • Easy to follow instructions for doing origami
  • Use for gift wrapping, wine bottle wrapping, reusable eco bag, home décor accessory, etc
  • Size 21 x 21inches
  • 100% Polyester
  • 1 Bojagi, 1 Thank You card, 1 Knot
  • K-Drama : The Red Sleeve, Mr. Sunshine, The King's Affection, 100 Days My Prince, The Crowned Clown, Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung

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