Mind-bending, Sleep-depriving Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts

These jigsaw puzzle gifts are super challenging! They're perfect for those who enjoy solving puzzles and challenges

Mind-bending, Sleep-depriving Jigsaw Puzzle Gifts
jigsaw puzzle gifts

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Your loved one is about to receive a box filled with a puzzle that will make them think of you on a daily basis.

Jigsaw Puzzles are the perfect gift for anyone who likes to spend time puzzling over a beautifully designed picture. Whether they are a kid, a husband, a wife or a friend, every puzzle we offer is carefully crafted to ensure you'll receive an enjoyable and challenging puzzle.

Puzzle games are the best way to challenge your loved ones or yourself while having a lot of fun. If you know of a puzzle buff, give them one of these awesome puzzles today and see their face light up.

Are you ready for a mind-bending, brain-stimulating puzzle experience? These mind-blowing jigsaw puzzles are for toddlers to sleep-depriving adults, and will definitely leave you feeling challenged. Order now to receive your puzzle.

3D Wooden Puzzles

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ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzles for Adults Marble Run Model Building Kit, 294 pieces

Best Seller Rank #5 in 3-D Puzzles for more choices

  • Finished puzzle is a challenging STEM-inspired product that actually works
  • Crank up the large gears to move marbles up to the top of the machine where they roll down into different channels
  • Black-grey appearance, metal nameplate and acrylic pieces to make the finished product more visually interesting allowing the rolling balls to be seen in action
  • Great alternative to the usual jigsaw puzzles
  • Display on a bookshelf and your friends will always ask you what it is and want a demonstration
  • Outstanding Christmas or Birthday gift for the whole family who loves to work with wood and loves a challenge
  • Takes around 7 hours' concentration to assemble

3D Puzzle Night light

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FUNPOLA Alice in Wonderland 3D Puzzle Night light, 44 pieces

Best Seller Rank #226 in 3-D Puzzles for more choices

  • Impressive and meaningful 3D real life night light
  • Inspired by the story of Alice In Wonderland, this was designed to be not only a 3D puzzle model, but also a meaningful and impressive bedside story nightlight
  • Medium difficulty DIY project, 1-2 hours assembly time gives you joyful and calming moments of assembly
  • Warm and soothing adjustable LED lights to serve as a bedside nightlight
  • Made from durable 3-ply birch wood with smooth finish of puzzle surface and edge, precisely laser-cut to make the details of the story book lamp looks delicate and vivid
  • Ideal gift choice for both adults and kids

Twisted 3D Colorful Squares

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Bgraamiens Puzzle Twisted 3D Colorful Squares, 1000 pieces

Best Seller Rank #119 in Jigsaw Puzzles for more choices

  • Amazon's Choice
  • The Bgraamiens Puzzles worthy of any skilled puzzler ready for an almost impossible challenge
  • Made of sturdy blue chipboard on recycled paper
  • Finish size 24 x 24"
  • The reverse side is divided into several areas with letters marked as "A" "B" to help solve
  • Invaluable parent-child game to cultivate children's cognition on color and shape, develop children's patience and focus
  • Recommended for adults and teenagers above 13

3D Wooden Puzzles Pirate Ship

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3D Wooden Puzzles Pirate Ship Model Kit

Best Seller Rank #137 in 3-D Puzzles for more choices

  • Amazon's Choice
  • Made of recyclable and safe natural wood with no glue
  • Building block games can share physical strength, reduce stress, and relax the body and mind
  • Get a sense of accomplishment after assembly
  • Accompanied by clear and accurate manuals and illustrations
  • Excellent DIY experience when children use their imagination to play, improves creative thinking skills, promote critical thinking skills, develop problem-solving and reasoning skills

4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

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Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in a Storage Box, 48 pieces

Best Seller Rank #1 in Jigsaw Puzzles for more choices

  • Features 4 wooden puzzles: a Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus, and T-Rex
  • Stored in a sturdy wooden storage box that doubles as a puzzle board. It’s easy to carry encouraging kids to take the puzzles with them to family or friends’ homes
  • Each set of dinosaur puzzles for kids is made up of 12-piece puzzles that display colorful artwork. Puzzle play promotes the development of fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and hand-eye coordination
  • Great gift for kids ages 3 to 6 years to round out the puzzle play experience and give kids another engaging option for screen-free fun

United States Puzzle for Kids

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United States Puzzle for Kids, 70 pieces

Best Seller Rank #12 in Jigsaw Puzzles for more choices

  • Amazon's Choice
  • Entertaining educational activity for kids to help stimulate and challenge their minds, and aid in development as they play and learn
  • Handy play set that promotes problem solving and memorization skills
  • Finished size 24 x 17.3 inches
  • Features puzzle pieces with accurate shapes of each state and showcases interesting landmarks in different locations. Your kids will learn what makes our great nation so interesting!
  • Vibrant, colorful and artist commissioned artwork USA Map Puzzle with 50 states with capitals
  • Highlighted by polished gloss printing. High quality and long lasting build that is a great interactive learning resource for kids
  • Made of durable 2mm chipboard, enclosed in a reinforced packaging box
  • Inspire our younger generation with jigsaw geography puzzles for kids ages 4-8, 5, 6, 7, 8-10 year olds

Disney/Pixar Clips Jigsaw Puzzle

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Ceaco - Disney/Pixar Clips Jigsaw Puzzle, 2000 pieces

Best Seller Rank #66 in Jigsaw Puzzles for more choices

  • Amazon's Choice
  • Standard sized pieces
  • Finished size 38 x 26 inches
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Great for family nights, gifts, holiday gatherings, Disney collectors and more
  • High-quality, innovative and challenging jigsaw puzzle from Ceaco, puzzling millions since 1987

Wooden Puzzles for 1-3 Toddlers

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TOY Life Wooden Puzzles for 1-3 Toddlers

Best Seller Rank #11 in Preschool Puzzles for more choices

  • Designed with the toddler in mind, this wooden puzzle learning toy is made of high-quality natural wood, which is smooth, rounded, and no splintery edges and finished with bright colors non-toxic paint
  • Very easy and safe for your little one to touch and grasp pieces with smooth edge
  • Best gift for toddler and 1, 2, 3 years old boys and girls
  • 4, 8, 12 different shapes with bright colors, including yellow duck, frog, dog, monkey, lion, giraffe, cow, turtle
  • Every puzzle is so bright that it is very easy to attract the attention of your little one and very great for cognitive learning
  • Made of environmentally friendly solid wood, this wooden puzzle is so durable that your little one can enjoy it for a long time
  • Each part of this wooden puzzles is in a right size for tiny fingers to grasp and big enough to avoid swallowing the puzzles

Tiger Wooden Puzzle

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CLAORD Tiger Wooden Puzzle, 200 pieces

Best Seller Rank #1240 in Jigsaw Puzzles for more choices

  • Amazon's Choice
  • Amazing design makes the puzzling time more fun and enjoyable. Each of the magic wooden jigsaw puzzles has its own unique shape
  • Different elements are combined to form unique clusters, some patterns look like elon, mandala, katamino, mosaic, zen, patterns... and they end up forming a perfect animal puzzle
  • Challenging, magical, fun, irregular wentworth puzzles with many whimsical pieces, this one is a good choice for family game play collection
  • Packaged in an exquisite wooden box makes a lovely holiday present at birthday, Valentine’s day for boyfriend, girlfriend, son, father, girls or those who want to have a fun project, hours of entertainment

Eagle Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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KAAYEE Eagle Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles, 143 pieces (M)

Best Seller Rank #881 in Preschool Puzzles for more choices

  • Amazon's Choice
  • Challenging but fun in vibrant and unique shapes
  • More interesting and challenging than regular puzzles available in 2 sizes to satisfy any puzzlers of all levels
  • Precision laser-cutting technologies for pieces to lock and fit tightly together
  • Wooden gift packaging size is 8.2 x 6.3 x 2.7 inches, a beautiful gift for everyone, on any occasion, such as a birthday gift or anniversary
  • On completion, use the KAAYEE Puzzles Saver Mounting System as living room, bedroom decoration

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