Cigar Gifts that People Actually Want to Open

For cigar enthusiasts or any true connoisseur, these cigar gifts make the perfect gift!

Cigar Gifts that People Actually Want to Open
Cigar gifts

What is was created out of the Editor's own frustrating experience when shopping for products on Amazon.
She buys quite a fair bit regularly, and imagine each time she does that, she has to comb through the item's description which usually has a lot of sales pitches, bad language, spelling errors & unnecessary flowery words trumpeting how good they are. This leads to a lot of time wasted before deciding if that item was the right one.
So we wanted to do this for our readers - go through a particular category & shortlist 10 of the best, unique, fresh products; and strip off all the overblown & somewhat confusing words to just the bare cold hard facts.
Just a quick glance, you'll know if that thing is what you wish for! And if you wanted to, we've also included links to the item's 100 Best Sellers to explore further.

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You love cigars (or not), and so does your cigar-loving loved ones. Whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift or are looking to spice up their life, these are the perfect items to purchase for them to celebrate any occasion!

You’re looking for the perfect gift for the cigar lover in your life. Don’t fret, there’s no need to look any further! Shop our collection of premium cigar gifts now to find the perfect gift for the cigar lover in your life!

You know how much you love cigars, but you don't want to give up your favorite vice? Give your loved one a gift that will bring back fond memories and keep them happy all year round! These beautiful interesting handpicked items makes the perfect gift for any cigar lover.

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Brown Leather Cigar Case

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AMANCY Premium 3-Finger Brown Leather Cigar Case

Best Seller Rank #1 in Cigar Cases for more choices

  • Classic brown leather style with cedar wood inside, includes cutter
  • Hold 3 cigars of max length 6.5 inches and up to 52 ring gauge
  • Size 7 x 3.6 x 1.4 inches
  • Perfect for travelling, easy to carry with your cigars inside

Cigar Neon Light

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Artlast Alcohol & Cigar Neon Light

Best Seller Rank #296 in Neon Signs for more choices

  • Unique gift for housewarming, birthday, holiday, anniversary decoration for Man cave, Home bar or Game room
  • Gives your party the vibes you want and brighten the mood
  • Use as a photo background to make your party photos stand out
  • Artlast neon lights use LED strips are used as it's safer and more affordable than traditional glass neon lights
  • Doesn't break easily, cooler to the touch and consume less power
  • Size is 12.4 x 14.17"
  • Comes with 78" USB cord
  • 2 holes for hanging

Glass Top Humidor Cigar Box

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Mantello Glass Top Humidor Cigar Box

Best Seller Rank #1 in Cigar Humidors for more choices

  • Cigars must be stored at a specific temperature and moisture level to maintain their taste and quality. Preserve your cigar collection with this glass top humidor cigar box
  • Stores 25 to 50 cigars in this elegant medium-sized high-quality wooden humidor cigar box
  • Built-in humidifier and hygrometer
  • Authentic Spanish cedar in-lay, tray & dividers
  • Delightful present for Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions with a beautiful cigar gift set

Cedar Wood Leather Cigar Case

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CiTree Cigar Travel Humidor, Cedar Wood Leather Cigar Case

Best Seller Rank #14 in Cigar Humidors for more choices

  • Made of Cedar wood & leather
  • Premium Cigar travel humidor, portable Cigar case, Cigar cutter, zipper lock closure
  • Includes refillable 3 jet flame lighter
  • Interior cedar wood tray secures with a leather strap to separate and protect up to four 7" 56 ring gauge cigars
  • Suitable for home use, vacations, camping, road trips
  • Size 8 x 5 x 3.3"

Whiskey Scotch Glass

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Old Lives Matter Whiskey Scotch Glass 12 oz

Best Seller Rank #1102 in Old Fashioned Glasses for more choices

  • Fathers would love this unique top quality whiskey cigar glass as a gift
  • "Best Farter Ever Oops I Meant Father" is permanently engraved
  • The drinking glass with a twist - a cool whiskey glass and a cigar holder combined
  • The cigar rest is a cool feature to securely hold the cigar in between smokes
  • Made of high-quality, lead-free, gorgeous and lustrous glass. The excellent transparency is very eye-catching
  • The durable thick-walled design and heavy weighted base will keep your whiskey insulated at the perfect temperature for longer
  • Instant conversation piece, a great addition to the home bar, or make perfect unique and unusual gifts for whiskey lovers

Cigar Guillotine Double Blade

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YANGPIN Cigar Guillotine Double Blade

  • Easy to use by putting thumb and index finger into the two rings, and then pull the hard cigar and scissors at 90°. The precision straight-cut double-edged guillotine will cut the cigar cleanly
  • Maximum cigar diameter 22mm
  • Light non-rust stainless steel blade
  • Electroplated body
  • Includes a sturdy protective black box
  • Helps to prevent loose flakes when the end cap is sliced

100 Cigar Humidor Box

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MYSGYH YANGPIN Cigar Humidor Box

  • 100 cigar capacity
  • Built-in humidification system keeps your cigar perfectly seasoned between 65% to 70% RH
  • The built-in digital hygrometer is the most accurate way to monitor and ensure your humidor is adequately seasoned
  • The side lid boasts a large stunning tempered glass display to show off your collection of fine cigars
  • Cedar coaming and inlay to hold right amount of moisture

4 Cigar Punches

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MYSGYH YANGPIN Cigar with 4 Cigar Punches

  • Create a quick and perfect cut for your favorite cigar
  • Perfect gift for the cigar loving person
  • Ensure the right cut depth, allowing the right amount of air flow for the best flavor of the cigar to pass through
  • Includes a sturdy protective black box
  • High-quality 4 blades that act like a guillotine
  • Prevent loose flakes when the end cap is sliced
  • Stainless cigar set measures 5.7 x 4.1 x 3.3 inches
  • Cutting hole is 0.8 inch diameter

Humidor and Ashtray Set

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SEMKONT Cigar Humidor and Cigar Ashtray Set

Best Seller Rank #15 in Cigar Humidors for more choices

  • Cedar cigar humidor tray with detachable removable cigar ashtray, stainless steel cigar cutter and sealed humidor
  • Clear cigar jar made of acrylic surrounded by gold coating
  • The lid made of solid wood with rubber gasket to maintains humidity inside the cigar box
  • Hold approximately 14-18 cigars
  • Tray made of high-grade solid wood, solid structure
  • Removable aluminum ashtray
  • 2 cigar slots with drawer for storing cigar accessories

Cigar Holder

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Perfecto Cigar Holder

Best Seller Rank #11 in Cigar Clips & Stands for more choices

  • Your snap-on ashtray on the go, the perfect gift for cigar lovers to rest cigars between smokes
  • Highest quality nylon, will not melt, burn or discolor
  • Holds all cigar sizes even the biggest 80 ring
  • Attach to golf carts, boats, RVs, decks, workbenches, anywhere suitable
  • Will not crush, pinch or tear your cigar
  • 100% Made in the USA

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